Pinlessworld Wholesale Services

Wireless Refill Cards

Pinlessworld can resell all Wireless Refill Cards it provides with competitive discounts for you to resell through our ePOS technology, API or PIN File. Now you can provide a full service catalog of Pinless and Wireless products. Ask us for details.


Our ePoint of Sale solution allows you to resell our service from any computer to your customers. Earn high commissions and enjoy all the benefits that come with Pinlessworld including but not limited to pinless dialing, smart dial, instant recharge, online call history and much more.

Private Label Phone Cards

Pinlessworld Prepaid assists phone card resellers and retailers to develop their own private label brand through our private label phone cards and PIN service.

You control your margins and discounts by working with our team to establish a custom rate table. We can provide PINs for your use or assist in the design and printing of your private label phone cards.

Any of Pinlessworld's phone card features, including PINless dialing, custom call prompts, and global origination, can be included on private label programs. Your phone cards can be rechargeable (by phone) and, when combined with Pinlessworld's API Services, through your website. We can even provide a custom phone card website for you, through our custom built website program.

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